I was born in 1963 and I live in Kosice (Slovakia). Photography became my hobby when I was in secondary school and after completing my studies at the faculty of electrical engineering of the Technical University in Kosice I worked as a photo journalist in local papers for four years. Several of my scanned black and white photos dating to this period are published here.
In 1990 I opened a business with electrical goods and I could not dedicate myself actively to photography for 16 years. In between 2005-2011, I returned to photography quite actively although not professionally anymore but purely for pleasure. My passion for photography was helping me to cope with various health problems.
The photos that I select for the website vary in style and quality but for me each of the photos has its meaning. I like to take photographs of people at work, technical objects, countryside and crosses.
My current circumstances are leading me to try converting my hobby into a profession as it was once in the past. I am looking for people who would be willing to support my work in return for advertising space on my website or other services. There are many better photographers than myself in Slovakia but I love photography. If despite the economic crisis you have sufficient means to support photography and you are passionate for it, please help my work.
If you would like to comment on my photographs please do so on this website.